Other Payment

Other Payment

This is a place to make a payment for any mutually agreed to service performed at the request of the client and confirmed by email with DelphiTech prior to payment.  It may also be used in some cases for purchasing product with shipping included that isn't standard product.

The agree to price is entered by selecting a dollar amount with choices of $5, $10, and $25 and quantity of that amount.   

  • $5.00
  • Shipping info

    We deliver to Canada, continental USA, and Hawaii.  See details about setting a different shipping address from your billing address.

  • Payment methods

    See details for information on pricing for US and Canadian Customers

    Accepted payment methods

  • Refund Policy

    See the details for our policies on Full Refund, Order Mistakes, Adding to Order Before It Ships, and Order Accuracy Responsibility.

  • Accounts

    We recommend you setup an account prior to putting items in your cart.

  • SKU

This is a place to make a payment for any mutually agreed to service performed at the request of the client.

  • Price
    $5, $10, $25, $60, $70

In Canada we ship with a courier or Canada Post.   In the USA, we ship by an air courier.  

No PO Boxes are allowed as a signature is collected with our shipments. 

Your shipping address can be different from your billing address.  This can be useful for instance if you prefer to ship to your office instead of your home.   This is setup in your account prior to ordering.

All pricing is in Canadian dollars at the checkout.  

US Customers - you enjoy a stronger dollar - see Canada to US exchange rate.

We accept the following payment methods:

If your credit card does not get processed, the common mistakes are:

  • billing address is wrong
  • credit card information was entered incorrectly
  • US customers forgot to call their bank first
  • insufficient room on card for payment

US Customers:  

  • You are purchasing from DelphiTech in Ontario Canada.  
  • If you haven't traveled or done online purchases outside of the US recently, please call your credit card company first to tell them you are about to purchase from DelphiTech.
  • Your credit card company will convert the Canadian price back to the lower US dollars price automatically.

Canadian Customers:  GST or HST is added depending on your ship to address.

Orders are Sent to Production

When product is ordered, it is sent to our production line and configured, fixtures are sealed, and every fixture is tested.   At the end, permanent serialized labels are applied which is how we are able to honor our industry leading warranty that is transferable to future home owners with no proof or purchase or warranty registration necessary. 

Full Refund Policy

  • Standard product - Prior to shipping, standard product orders may be cancelled with a full refund.  
  • Non-standard product - Prior to production, custom product orders may be cancelled with a full refund.  
  • Custom product - Custom product is NCNR (non-cancellable, non-refundable).
  • NCNR - After shipping, ALL orders are deemed NCNR non-cancellable, non-refundable and so no refunds are offered.   Warranty starts at shipping and uses the unique serialized labels on the fixtures.

Order Mistakes

If you make a mistake, please notify us immediately by replying to your receipt email and speaking to us on the phone us.   We will cancel your order, do a full refund, and you can reorder.

Adding to Order Before It Ships

If you wish to add to an order prior to shipping, contact us and we will show you how to add to your order without incurring a second shipping charge.

Order Accuracy Responsibility

We make every effort to ensure your satisfaction with your order by providing performance specifications, guidance on design and installation tips, and a toll free number so you can get any remaining questions answered.  We will even look at your design ideas, and help you make the best decisions or give you design guidance.  Your order decisions and accuracy of what you order is your responsibility.

We recommend setting up an account as the first thing you do before you start ordering product.   This will ensure that you only have to enter your billing and shipping address once if you leave the cart or return for other product purchases. 

Your shipping address can be different from your billing address.   This may be convenient if you wish to have your lights delivered to your office instead of your home. 

Also, if your ship to address is a company, even if it is a company run from your home, please include the company name when you setup your account.

Your ship to address CAN'T be a PO box because couriers collect a signature from the receiver.